Webinar on demand - The Essentials of Modern Software Engineering


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The Essentials of Modern Software Engineering 


Building, testing, and maintaining software is becoming increasingly complex, prompting the need for new tools and methods to stay competitive. The Agile methodology, soon turning 30, faces challenges in finding the balance between quality and innovation, structure and chaos. Automation and "investing in the software factory" take top priority in the continuous work approach.

In this webinar, Alixander will discuss the continuous work approach, covering CI, CD, and CQA (Continuous Quality Assurance), soon becoming essential for organizations, especially those in software development for end-users.

He will address:

  • What does continuous transformation really entail?
  • What positive effects can it bring to your organization?
  • How do you embark on the journey to achieve these positive effects?
  • What key principles need to be in place from the beginning?

Speakers: Alixander Ansari 

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